Where did we go?

Wow it’s been a long time since we visited our blog! I logged in today and notice we blogged about our new Facebook page and then a week later we never posted again. I guess that explains where we went! So much has gone on the last two years and I miss our blog! So we are back and with an iPad now so I’m gonna try this new app for a few days and see if I can find our blog rhythm again ;)

Here is FB Friendly Grove Facebook

Lets try a pic with the new app;)


Ps the app we are trying is WordPress free from iTunes

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Art ! The Bloodhound

“Art” is a bloodhound, of course, who loves doggy daycare!

He loves small, medium and large dogs but his best buddy is “Sherman”
a Portuguese Water Dog.

Art has a zest for life and his rich chocolate eyes just melt your heart with one glance.  Art wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy, he just makes you want to smile when your around him.

The Bloodhound is one of the oldest original scent hounds,  “The actual term “Bloodhound” refers not to what the Bloodhound trails but instead refers to its status as the “blooded hound,” meaning aristocratic, since such great lengths were taken early on to keep the strain clean.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Bloodhound visit :

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Lucy’s First Groom

Lucy Before

This last week we had the pleasure of being the first groomer’s to groom little miss Lucy!

With lots of patience and love Amanda shaped that beautiful little face so we could see her eyes!

Lucy gettin clean!

Gentle Towel Dry & Snuggle

First Scissor trim

Cuddle Moment Almost Done

Lucy All Done

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Car Pet Safety

The Pet Seat Belt awareness movement started a few years ago by Bark n Buckle Up has another face on the scene, Paws to Click.  Paws to Click has pretty much the same goals as Bark n Buckle but they seem to focus solely on  Pet Vehicle Restraint education. Bark n Buckle trys to cover all aspects of Pets and Cars and general safety awareness.    New at Bark n Buckle is the 2010 Dog Friendly Car award given to the Ford Edge and a new Dog Oxygen Mask for firefighters!  Bark n Buckle is also offering a Free Pet Registration for your vehicle – Visit their site for more info:  http://www.barkbuckleup.com. Both Programs are offering important education and asking for pledges from pet owners to restrain their dogs while transporting.

Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents each year

Do you Buckle Up Your Pet ?

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Davy Jones’ Dog ?

Davey Jones’ Dog Bones on Display!  The Mary Rose, was Davy Jones’ ship, it sank on July 19, 1545 along with 400 humans.  The almost complete skeletal remains of one dog were discovered in 1982.

Finally the bones have been re-assembled and placed on display at the Mary Rose Museum.  The dog is referred to as “Hatch” and believed to be a terrier probably on board to catch and kill rats.

Hatch is believed to have been a young, female and is one the oldest set of canine remains on display!

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Dog Bed Duvets!

Finally a Dog Bed Duvet!  I love this company!  They make quality, fashionable duvets and stuff sacks so that you can upcycle or recycle your own used textiles to stuff your doggies bed.

What a great idea and the beds are cute, cute, cute!

Check it out:  http://www.mollymutt.com

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Canine Nutrition University

Many pet product manufacturers are using various educational programs to boost awareness of their products.  I can live with a little product placement as long as the education is solid.

Proportions, a division of SmartPak Canine, launched their Canine Nutrition University which features a series of articles, how to read dog food labels 101 and an ask the experts section.

I did like the “How to read dog food labels” article as it easily explains the tricky methods used by some companies to split ingredients, the “Dogs are Carnivores, not CORN-ivores! ” is spot on but I would take it one step further and promote a raw diet ;)

If you would like to learn more about Canine Nutrition visit the University for some on-line course work!

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3rd Annual National Children’s Pet Poetry Contest

Submissions Now Being Accepted!

Who can enter?
Third, fourth and fifth grade students nationwide.

What do I write about?
Students are invited to write a unique poem about their pets, what they love about them, and the joys they bring to their lives.

How do I enter?
Entries may be posted on-line HERE. Or final poem and submission form may be mailed to: Pets Add Life, 45 Winter Street, Reno, NV 89503.

What do I win?
Two students from each grade level (6 total) will win a $250 gift certificate for pet products, and a “by-line” in a nationally circulated publication. In addition, the six winning students’ classrooms will each receive a $1,000 scholarship to spend on pet related education.

Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2011 at 5:00pm EST.

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Finally a FaceBook Page!

Finally began creating a FaceBook page for us here at Friendly Grove!  Since we have iPhone’s now we can quickly upload photo’s we take directly to our FaceBook page!

The page is still in the puppy stage but as we have time between ball sessions and room service we will work on getting it up and finished!

Stop by and say Hi !


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Matching Clothes with your Dog ?

In almost every case I would emphatically say “Do NOT wear matching clothes with your dog or husband, it’s just dorky!”

BUT the matching clothing line from Punk Rock Dogg may be my one exception!  Punk Rock Dogg a private owned company in Pennsylvania is having tons of fun designing and modeling their Punk designs, be sure to visit their site to see some great stuff!

The Company Dog “Murphy” tells us how and why the company started (We edited some of his language, Murphy has a potty mouth)

“Basically, we just like stuff that’s different. You’ll never find stuff on Punk Rock Dogg that some skanky starlet o’ the month is putting on her accessory pet o’ the month. There will never be any doggie “bling.” Our stuff isn’t for socialites, hipsters or “the popular kids.” Our stuff is for real, down-to-earth, non-conformist, individualist, “don’t give a ____ what anyone else thinks,” punk-loving, delightfully abnormal people and their psychotic (but lovable) pets.”

Oh that Murphy !  He is a hoot! So if your “delightfully abnormal” be sure to check out Punk Rock Dogg !  We’re adding a few of their products to our wish list!

Our Punk Rock Dogg Wish List:

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