Leashes and more Leashes

buddyThe leash is an important communication tool with your dog, a safety device, a restraint, a training tool and yet we often overlook the importance of a good leash.   Whatever leash you use it has to meet the needs of the situation, you and your dog.

My personal favorite is a 1/4″ wide, soft leather, 6′ long do_it_all_leash_288x217lead with at least 3 fixed rings.  I love this style as I can easily fix the length of the leash using the rings, it can become a harness, a collar and leash in one if needed and it is fitted to swing over your shoulder when not in use.

Hands Free leashes, such as the Buddy System (pictured above) are gaining popularity with avid walkers/runners.

The folks over at LarzPetGear have designed a line of leashes and collars ” to allow you to take your dog(s) for a walk without doing them any harm. It is a “user friendly, dog friendly” product. Our leads help modify your dog’s behavior, while protecting its neck from “Soft Tissue, Esophagus, Trachea, and Skeletal Problems”.  The leash with the built in collar is suppossed to reduce pressure on the dogs esophagus and also prevent harsh corrections which could damage both walker and dog.

The Flex lead comes with alot of safety concerns  and must only be used with dogs who are leash trained and owners who can physically use the lead.  And should only be used by owners who can please not let the dog wander around at full extension to tangle with my lead or allow your 2 pound dachshund to run under the mouth of my 100 pound mastiff!  Sorry….anyways…IF  your dog is not a puller or dasher and it is safe for YOU check out the  Lasso Security Leash from Dogmatic Products is a multi functional flex lead which has won several safety and design awards.

Gentle leaders which attach to the muzzle of the dog have never been a fav of mine, could be cause I have big slobbery dogs with dewlap that a gentle lead would never cover but even when my clients bring them in they remind me too much of a muzzle and I just don’t feel comfortable with them.  But if they work for you and your dog..great!

Leash attachments or accessories are numerous but most common is the built in doggy poo bags such as the Bow Wow Bag from prairie Mutts.

So, there’s a few leash highlites, now go take your dog for a walk and feel free to let us know if you have a favorite leash we should feature!

Enjoy your day !

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