Indestructible Balls

boomerballSeveral months ago I blogged about finding an indestructible ball and have been continuing my search since then.

Yesterday I finally ordered The Boomer Ball (pictured to the left) from It’s a 10 inch “Heavy Duty Challenger Ball” pictured with a Lion, so I am assuming it can withstand the daycare dogs ?  At $45 bucks I hope so!!!

I also have been checking out Otto Environmental, a company which manufactures all kinds of zoo enrichment toys.  While there are many products I plan to add to my wish list, I ordered the 14″ Jolly Ball for $22.91  and the 10″ Best Ball for $9.45.  I went with standard shipping so they should arrive in another 10 days.  I am excited to give these products a test run with the dogs !

I am still thinking about the Canine Spirit Ball, but am very hestitant.  At $70 and no puncture guarantee, I am just not sure ;)

Hopefully my new toys will arrive soon and the dogs will love them !

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4 Responses to Indestructible Balls

  1. Owner of Massive Pitbull says:

    Well any updates on the balls? It’s been longer than 10 days. :) I got a pit bull with a head as big as a bowling ball bag, and he chews everything up. Thinking about trying a cleaned motorcycle tire…

  2. friendly says:

    I wanted to give the balls some time in the play room before I wrote a review ;) I will be writing one up this week but the short version they are great! worth the money, I especially like the ones from otto environmental!

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