Indestructible Dog Balls

14" Jolly Ball

14" Jolly Ball

In October we ordered 3 balls to test drive (see previous post here), we got our balls late October and have allowed the dogs free access to them.

Pictured to the left is the 14″ Jolly Ball from Otto Environmental after almost two months. Deep scratches are present but it is still intact!  I worry that the plastic could be sharp if they do puncture through it, but so far the plastic by the scratches is soft, I think one should also be concerned about a dog swallowing some of the plastic if it broke off, other than those concerns I am very happy with both the 14″ Jolly and 10″ Best ball and so are the dogs!  Several of the dogs do seem to prefer the 14″ over the 10″, but both are well used.


10" Boomer Ball

10" Boomer Ball

Pictured here is the 10″ Boomer Ball, which as you can see is holding up just alittle better in that the scratches aren’t as deep. This ball has more weight to it than the Jolly Balls and the hard plastic seems to be denser.

The 10″ Boomer was $45 about twice the cost of the 14″ Jolly Ball, but at the rate they are wearing I think I will get twice the amount of life from the Boomer.

If your dog is a strong destructive chewer you should probably go for the Boomer Ball, otherwise the average dog would do fine with the Jolly’s.

Happy Days !

Charlie with the 10" Best Ball

Charlie with the 10" Best Ball

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  1. Stewfnrocker says:

    I was searching through tough dog toy reviews… I just wanted to add to your review. I have a 20 month old pitbull, and he is very energetic. We have tried everything that will keep more than a week. I being a tennis instructor have given him a ton of dead tennis balls(his favorite), but when buying toys I find it very hard. He has destroyed the toughest of rope toys(shreds them and pulls out the strands of string through the knot), those tire toys last a bit longer, I have a lot of luck with kong toys. I just invested in the 14″jolly ball and boy does he love this. He wasn’t much of a fetch guy but when he gets this thing rolling he tries to beat the hell out of it. I have noticed some minor surface scratches which is great since he tries to destroy it and it is one durable ball. The only thing I worry about is when he tries to fit it in his mouth is he will sometimes gag himself. I hope this adds to your review.

  2. friendly says:


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