My How Fast They Grow Up!

Golden Retriever PuppyMy how they grow!  Here is Biscuit when she first started coming to Doggie Daycare back when she was a wee little puppy, now she is all grown up!  Biscuit lives with her sister Cinnamon, a beautiful little red dachshund, who is also a regular at The Grove.

Biscuit enjoys playing with little and big dogs but most of all she loves to jump up and grip your waist with her front paws in a tight hug.  We have really enjoyed watching her grow up into such a cute young lady, kudo’s to her human parents for their outstanding job of early socialization and training.

Those early months of doggie daycare and grooming have produced a dog who is stable, confident, happy and getting her nails done is just another part of a normal day.

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