Matching Clothes with your Dog ?

In almost every case I would emphatically say “Do NOT wear matching clothes with your dog or husband, it’s just dorky!”

BUT the matching clothing line from Punk Rock Dogg may be my one exception!  Punk Rock Dogg a private owned company in Pennsylvania is having tons of fun designing and modeling their Punk designs, be sure to visit their site to see some great stuff!

The Company Dog “Murphy” tells us how and why the company started (We edited some of his language, Murphy has a potty mouth)

“Basically, we just like stuff that’s different. You’ll never find stuff on Punk Rock Dogg that some skanky starlet o’ the month is putting on her accessory pet o’ the month. There will never be any doggie “bling.” Our stuff isn’t for socialites, hipsters or “the popular kids.” Our stuff is for real, down-to-earth, non-conformist, individualist, “don’t give a ____ what anyone else thinks,” punk-loving, delightfully abnormal people and their psychotic (but lovable) pets.”

Oh that Murphy !  He is a hoot! So if your “delightfully abnormal” be sure to check out Punk Rock Dogg !  We’re adding a few of their products to our wish list!

Our Punk Rock Dogg Wish List:

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