Car Pet Safety

The Pet Seat Belt awareness movement started a few years ago by Bark n Buckle Up has another face on the scene, Paws to Click.  Paws to Click has pretty much the same goals as Bark n Buckle but they seem to focus solely on  Pet Vehicle Restraint education. Bark n Buckle trys to cover all aspects of Pets and Cars and general safety awareness.    New at Bark n Buckle is the 2010 Dog Friendly Car award given to the Ford Edge and a new Dog Oxygen Mask for firefighters!  Bark n Buckle is also offering a Free Pet Registration for your vehicle – Visit their site for more info: Both Programs are offering important education and asking for pledges from pet owners to restrain their dogs while transporting.

Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents each year

Do you Buckle Up Your Pet ?

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