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Isis is a Rottweiler.  The Rottweiler is an easily recognizable breed to most americans due to unfavorable media in the 1980′s.  In fact, the Rottweiler is an intelligent, gentle and beautiful dog.  Isis, whose full name Isis vom Mortiz-Bergberg, is an incredible ambassador for her breed and for dogs in general.  A few accomplishments from her resume include:

  • CGC (Canine Good Citizen) award
  • Isis and owner/handler are Charter Members of DOG (Dog Outreach Group)
  • Registered PetPartners for animal assisted activites with the Delta Society
  • In 2007 Isis and owner/handler successfully passed the required classroom work and assessment test and are members of the PAAA/T Program (Providence St. Peter’s Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy).  Isis is the first Rottweiler in the program.  Isis and her team partner Finley were the first “team” (two dogs and two handlers) in the program in over 10 years.  Isis and Finley visit the hospital twice a month on the Adolescent Chemical Dependency Unit and on the First Floor of the hospital.  They have also visited on the Medical Rehabilitation Unit.
  • Isis has her AKC “PT” title in herding sheep and her ASCA “started” title in ducks

We are so lucky to be able to spend at least one day week with Isis, she is especially helpful when we have young puppies in daycare.  Her calm and confident demeanor instantly attract puppies to her side.  Isis has many friends but especially Orione and Emma.

For more information about Rottweilers please visit:

The American Rottweiler Club, The Rottweiler Health Foundation, Canine Good Citizen Program, Delta Society, American Kennel Club

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