Kefir – Like Yogurt on Steroids

Kefir is a fermented milk product kinda like yogurt.  Yogurt contains a few probiotics while Kefir has alot more probiotics and beneficial yeasts and much more.

Beneficial yeast ?  Why you might ask would I want my dog to have beneficial yeast, well the yeast which is chronically found in the infected ears and paws of our pets is usually of the Staphylococcus variety and  Kefir possesses antimicrobial activity against bacteria and some fungi (1).  Using Kefir is like treating from the inside – out, creating an in-hospitable environment for the bad yeasts and bacterias, 1 ml of Kefir contains up to 109 microbes(2).

Research has shown a clear link between Kefir consumption and overall immune system function(3) along with inhibiting the growth of bacteria and non-beneficial yeast.  I have been feeding Kefir to my dogs for almost two months now and most importantly they LOVE it !  I haven’t had a meal refused since I started adding kefir.

How do I make Kefir ?

It is really easy actually, you start with the grains pictured above.

1. Place the grains in a wide mouth, glass jar

2. Add Milk, cover with papertowel and rubber band

3. 24 hours later strain the grains and BAM you have Kefir

I got my first Kefir grains from our friends, Peter and Shannon, over at Basalt Canyon Kennels in Eastern Washington, I believe you can find Kefir grains on ebay or check with your local health food store.  Thank you again to Peter and Shannon for the grains !

Sources and to Learn More About Kefir:

1. Toronto Advisors Kefir Research Doc


3. A Complex Probiotic

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4 Responses to Kefir – Like Yogurt on Steroids

  1. Summer Lebhart says:

    I like the health benefits, do you know the fat content?

  2. friendly says:

    Hi Summer,
    it depends on the milk you use of course lower fat with lower fat milk used, I saw a site that broke this down I will try to find an email to you. I bet Ginger would love it ;)

  3. cushsb says:

    Hi Lisa, nice post and love the pictures!
    that’s a lot of kefir you have going on in there! hehe
    just a question, what’s the most observable difference you can see with your dog eating kefir?
    and i have to ask…do you also eat kefir?

    coz, when you mention the kefir having those health benefits, it applies to everyone right. : )

    kefir grains

  4. Penny Kay says:

    I’ve been eating Kefir for many years.
    My dogs both have lots of yeast in their ears and between their toes.
    They are four pound maltese, both around 10 years old.
    How much should I give them?

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