Marley and Me Warning

While I am very excited for the movie Marley and Me, a recent post over at Dolittler about the upcoming Chihuahua Dreams movie and the sometimes awful effects a breed profile in a major motion picture can have, got me thinking.  Many of us, over age 20, can remember Disney’s launch of 101 dalmatians and the 1001 dalmatians that ended up in shelters across America and untold numbers who ended up euthanize’d.  I have to wonder if Disney had aired a 30 second public service announcement before and after the film could 1001 + dalmatians lived ?

With the upcoming Marley and Me (Christmas Day Premier) will Lab puppies be the next breed dujour ?  The American Kennel Club has already created a 15 second, 30 second and 60 second Public Service Announcement to hopefully offset would be movie goers from running out and buying  a Lab puppy, which Kudo’s to the AKC of course but…where will people see this PSA ?

Well right here of course, but don’t you think this should air before and after the film at the theater ?  and it should also air on future DVD releases !  How do we make this happen ?  I think there are alot of dog bloggers out there and if we all start writing about it then word will spread, we could also email our local movie theater’s and ask them specifically to air the AKC’s PSA at their Christmas Day premier !

So, tonite I will email the Olympia Regal Theater and ask them to air this PSA  – I will let you know if I get a response !

Sadly, I couldn’t find a Disney PSA for the upcoming Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie ;(

If you would like to email Disney and ask them to offer a PSA about Chihuahua’s here is their email addy:

Disney Consumer Relations: disneyinfo (at)

If you have any other ideas let me know!

Here is a link to the AKC’s Marley and Me Campaign

and John Grogan’s Blog about filming the PSA

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  1. Summer Lebhart says:

    I think this is a great point to make. I learned from the shelters that Christmas is a common time for an impulsive puppy purchase. Which then proves to be a huge increase in puppies in the shelters come January from the families that realized puppies and dogs are more work than they thought. So with the movie happening at Christmas time as well…….

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