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logoYesterday I visited the Pacific Northwest Grooming and Kennel Expo held in Tacoma, Wa.  There were approx. 30 vendors there with a wide variety of products.  I saw a few new products represented, grabbed a bag of samples and purchased a few products to review.

Here is what was in my bag , I will follow up with reviews after I try em:

  • Miracle Air by Chris Christensen – a all natural odor eliminator.  They had no samples but I did buy a 16 oz bottle to try.  It is suppossed to break apart odors at the molecular level – we shall see ;)
  • Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo by Chris Christensen – This product claims to remove residue buildup and remove stains without damaging the coat.  I can’t wait to try it !
  • Luxury Dog Honeysuckle Jasmine Shampoo by AromaPaws – These guys were up here all the way from LA !  I got a 2 oz sample of this shampoo and was very interested in their Pet Odor candles but they were sold out !
  • Double K Samples – Every year Cascade Grooming Supplies and 3 C’s have the best booth and best samples !  I got a 6 pack of samples from their Groomers Edge line !
  • DERMagic - This is a new product line out of Bellevue, WA and I am very excited to try their product line !  I went ahead and bought a sampling of their entire line !  I just can’t decide what to try first !
  • I also picked up a few trade magazines but haven’t had a chance to even look through them.

There where also various classes going on during the Expo but I didn’t visit any as I feel the pricing for their classes is way tooooo high !  I love continuing education but seriously $250 for a 2 hour class on coat types ?  I am sure they are great classes but that is too steep !

Hope your weekends were great and I look forward to reviewing these products !

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