Shampoo Bars for Dogs ?

barshampooLast week we wrote about visiting the 2009 Groom Expo in Tacoma and what goodies were in our bag.

One of the booths I visited was DerMagic.  DerMagic is a relatively new company out of Bellevue, Washington handcrafting certified organic skin care products for dogs.

The product line was developed by Dr. Adelia Ritchie, PhD Organic Chemist.  The company claims that their line of products can actually help cure many skin problems.

One product which caught my eye was their Shampoo Bars, which they claim are more cost effective. lather and clean better than liquid shampoo for dogs.  I was very skeptical, I have been bathing dogs my whole life and NEVER used a bar of soap !  So, of course I bought the Lemon scented bar to give it a review.

Well, no lie that bar lathered better and quicker and rinsed off cleaner than just about any shampoo I have ever tried !  Wow, I was honestly not expecting such a great performance.  The bar scent is very strong while you are bathing but the scent remaining after the dog is dry is barely noticeable.  You need to be sure you love the scent because it will overpower the groom shop while your bathing!

latherBathing with a bar took some getting used to ;)   The bar slipped thru my fingers and flew across the shop a few times !  I used the bar on short to medium coat dogs, I wasn’t willing to risk tangles on one of my long haired clients !  I groomed 5 medium short haired dogs with one bar of soap and have enough for about one more.

Overall, I have to give the Shampoo Bar a 4 Paw Excellent review, it did exactly what they said it would !

I plan on contacting the company and ordering a few more !

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