I want an indestructible ball !

lionballOkay, why isn’t there an indestructible soccer ball yet ?

hmmm…it is 2009 and I still can’t find a ball that my dogs can’t kill in 10 minutes!

Tennis balls, I buy those on e-bay by the hundred and we just throw them away as soon as they show signs of wear.

Then there are soccer balls and basketballs which ALL the dogs LOVE ! I throw a soccer ball into the daycamp yard and the dogs are thrilled…for 10 minutes.

And the price of soccer balls! Holy smokes that’s $12 for 10 minutes but I must admit it is a great 10 minutes…So, I do still buy them on occasion just so I can laugh and giggle at how much fun the dogs have.

But, there has to be something better!  Seriously?

So, I remembered from Zoo trips that I would see the Polar Bears and Lions with toys in their exhibits – so what were those toys and where do I get some!

jungleballI found the BoomerBall (pictured above) at BoomerBall.com – This company has several different balls available ranging in price from $200 to $15 .  To the left here is a picture of their Jungle Ball which is 20 inches and has a sidewall thickness of 1/4 inch and is only $135 !   I know that sounds crazy for a ball but if it lasts ?  I haven’t decided yet so I am adding it to my wishlist!  But if a tiger can play with it, it should last in a doggie daycare?

elephantssmI also found a company called Desert Plastics who have a large variety of balls to choose from, their smallest is 17 inches with .439 wall thickness starting at $92 bucks…  They did have a link to email them for their discontinued or overstock items, so I emailed them ;)   I will let you know if we get anything !
canine-spirit-rw-smallI also found the Canine Spirit Ball at Natural Horse Talk.  The Spirit Ball is 25 inches in diameter with a PVC bladder to reduce puncture but the site says not for aggressive chewers.  So, I am not sure what they consider aggressive chewer ?  All my daycare dogs play pretty rough with the toys….This ball is $66 plus shipping…

I found a few more I will blog about later and add to my wish list !

Feel free to send me suggestions!  For now I will just go play stick with the dogs !

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4 Responses to I want an indestructible ball !

  1. Dave Helden says:

    Thank you for the informative post. I have been trying to find an indestructable soccer ball for ages. I have a lab mix who loves soccer balls (like most dogs!) but he gets through them so quickly.

    I just visited boomerball.com and I’m undecided between the HD Challenger ball vs the $15 boomerball. The challenger looks great but I am wondering whether I would get away with the boomerball. Plus they offer free replacement.



  2. friendly says:

    Hi Dave,
    Please let us know which you decide and how it works !

  3. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for this informative post! I too have been looking for an indestructible ball.

    I’ve decided against the BoomerBall since it’s rigid. I had tried the 14″ Push N Play Jolly ball but it was only barked at and then completely ignored. My pup loves big bouncy balls .. particularly those cheap 14″ plastic play balls you can get at target … the ones that pop in 5 to 10 minutes (at least when only one dog plays). Rubber play ground balls are out of the question … it seems they small bad. Pilates balls are popped quickly, soccer balls are popped though last longer but bigger balls seem to be more fun.

    I had been researching over-sized play ground balls with bladders when I happened upon your post. I’ve since ordered a Canine Spirit ball as I’m hoping the 25″ size and inner bladder will prevent popping. The ball appears to be light weight and to have plenty of bounce.

    Thank you, thank you. I don’t think I would have discovered this ball on my own as I had been searching for the perfect ball for months.


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