Yuck, PETA raises its ugly head again…

pikeplaceI was so not going to blog about this issue but I got all upset after reading  a blog entry over at Dolitter.  So here it goes…..

Obama killed a fly, OMG Peta is having a tissy fit…Could someone please explain to me why this organization has IRS non-profit status when they are basically a domestic terrorist group and why oh why do so many celebrities endorse them!  YUCK !

And to top it off, PETA is protesting our very own Pike Place Market and especially targeting the Fish tossing. The American Veterinary Medical Association conference is coming to Seattle on July 12th and PETA rumors say PETA is gonna protest our market.

I don’t have to tell any of you locals how important fish is in our local culture, way of life or economy.

The fish throwing has gone on here for hundreds of years in different forms when people would fish off scaffolds and throw the fish back to others etc…The Pike Place Fish have been throwing for at least 40 years -   The fish throwing attracts alot of people, education about the fish is incorporated into the presentations, they speak about conservation and sooo much more.

It is also a glimpse into the lives of traditional fishermen, they sing both thanks and a wee bit of story telling about how big the fish are but there is hard work and love and thanks for this fish everyday, alot of Seattle families entire livelihoods depend on fish.  We know how important they are.  If you sat around for any length of time and watched and listened you would hear the fishermen telling people the names of the fish, how important local fisheries are, how to buy from local fisheries, how to help preserve habitats and of course how great they are ;)

I am attending the AVMA Seattle conference and will of course visit Pike Place while there, I would recommend the Salmon – local caught of course – If any of you decide to purchase from the mongers, if you do thanks for supporting local, sustainable fisheries and local fishermen and women…which Washington leads the way in !

hmmm..too much local pride ?  anyways the point is… it is not JUST people throwing dead fish around for sport or fun – really do you think we would disrespect something that  feeds us, nourishes us, substains us ?   PETA is wrong, very wrong.  I do hope they show up maybe I can hit one with a fish!!!

In the meantime visit Peta Kills the website dedicated to divulging the truth about Peta!  And please tell a friend that Peta is bad, very bad…. Do it …Now…tell a friend !

My dog thanks you !

ps adding this blog entry to my wishlist…cause I wish PETA would implode, shrivel up and disappear…I wish …I wish…

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