Fine Canine Wine

Bark Vine Yards Looking for a way to spruce up that old kibble? Want to pamper your pet with something special ? Or do you feel guilty you get to enjoy that delicious bottle of Chianti ?

Well, now you can get your pooch a fine bottle of “Johnny Barker Black Lab” Described as:
A Premium Canine Spirits. Sniff the richness, lick the flavor, taste like no other. Give the gift of taste, alcohol free aus-jus to be poured over the evening meal. Enjoy Irresponsibly.

Perhaps a bottle of White Sniff n Tail described as:  “White Zinfandel lovers eat your heart out. Imagine the unmistakable aroma of fragrant salmon, combined with all the nutrients of delectable sweet potatoes. Now imagine your loved four legged member of the family savoring every delicious drop of the sweet nectar of Bark Vineyards White Sniff-n-Tail.

Bark Vineyards warns that you be sure to have a Licker License if you plan on hosting a Canine Wine Party and Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Super cute marketing and I am sure all my 4 legged clients would love the product!  Gonna have to look into that Licker License !

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