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Dog Fur Made Oil Booms!

That’s it, I am now convinced that dogs really can save the world! Matter of Trust, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, takes dog fur and turns it into booms that absorb spilled oil! These Dog Fur Booms are … Continue reading

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The Grove Goes Green

Big change this week at The Grove, we signed up with Cintas !  We have used the old fashioned kennel cleaning system of Pine sol and Bleach (safely diluted of course) for the last 17 years! Last July, I attended … Continue reading

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New Releases December 2008

Just received my December 2008 PetAge which introduces the latest products for dogs from around the world.  This month a few items caught my eye and seemed to get some tail wags when I told some of the dogs about … Continue reading

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Animals Save the World

[youtube width="237" height="210"]y5OqKQKgph0[/youtube]  I found this great video at Raise a Green Pet.  Did you know that all those unused appliances plugged into your wall are using up electricity and money from your wallet? Money you could be using to … Continue reading

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Reducing Your Pets Carbon Pawprint

In an age of recycling and environmental awareness our pets carbon pawprint is often overlooked. A few things to paw-nder : Canned Food containers – consider switching to Honest Kitchen dehydrated food which can be reconstitued in place of canned … Continue reading

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