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Pet Food Loyalty

Are you Loyal to your brand of pet food ?  Most of us are, and most companies want to encourage that loyalty by offering Free bag reward programs or coupon incentives.  Originally these programs were referred to as “Breeder Programs” … Continue reading

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Just Start Over

Sometimes when the mats turn to dred locks …You just gotta start over ! Lexie’s winter coat was beyond repair so Mom and I just decided that it was time to start over! Fresh starts are nice sometimes and the … Continue reading

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Poop Samples

Just had to share the new BYO Poop Samples poster from over at Dolittler today ! Simply brilliant and hilarious! Seriously though,  including a yearly fecal to your pets annual check up is  a great way to ensure your dog … Continue reading

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Presidential Pet Museum

Happy President’s Day !  We thought it fitting to hi-light the Presidential Pet Museum, take a moment and visit their website to read all about past presidential pooches ! The Presidential Pet Museum was founded in 1999 as a repository … Continue reading

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PBS Special Love & Dogs

Airing on PBS this Sunday February 15th is Why We Love Cats and Dogs presenting a portrait of some of the most powerful and remarkable connections we experience as humans—the unbreakable bonds with our pets. Sounds like the perfect show … Continue reading

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Animal Rights Activists

When the Animal Rights Activists came for the unlicensed puppy mills, I remained silent; I was not an unlicensed puppy mill. When they confiscated dogs from those who had one too many for their local ordinances, I remained silent; I … Continue reading

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Cesar Milan under attack ?

Another Pack  of Lies ? Several weeks ago we blogged about the Ian Dunbar’s article denounces Pack Theory and Off-lead’s report of the lack of pack behavior in free roaming dogs in Romania.   It seems the Pack Theory is under … Continue reading

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February Snow

Snow in February ! At first when I saw the snow today all I could think was “Seriously?” “Haven’t we had enough!” But the dogs were quick to remind me that a few inches of snow is nothing more than … Continue reading

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Tallulah The Boxer

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Tallulah aka Lula a beautiful, petite boxer.  Lula lives all the way in Seattle but her Dad has to work in Olympia once in awhile so get the pleasure of Lula’s company! Lula … Continue reading

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The Bulldog

Emma is a Bulldog who has been a Grove visitor for a few years now.  Emma is all bulldog, she is full of love and not shy about running you over with slobbery kisses ! We love to see Emma … Continue reading

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