Your Dog Pictured on a Nascar!

OUT!, the “Top Dog” in quality pet care products, is off to the races! They have joined forces with another “Top Dog” – Trevor Bayne – to put OUT! Pet Care in the winner’s circle at numerous races in 2010. Trevor’s #99 car will be proudly wearing the OUT! Pet Care logo and colors as he races for the checkered flag. And, your dog could go along for the ride!

Visit the Out! Top Dog site for official rules the contest ends November 2010 with a winner every week!

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New Honest Kitchen Rewards Program!

New Honest Kitchen Rewards Program!  For those of you unaware of Honest Kitchen, you can check out a previous post about this wonderful dog food product!

The Honest Kitchen’s brand new frequent buyer program lets you earn free gifts for you and your pet. You can earn gifts on purchases made online or from retailers, for any box of Honest Kitchen food made in July 2009 or later! Psst! You can also earn 20 bonus points when you sign up for their e-newsletter before September 30th! Please note, rewards are for full priced orders only.

Simply save your UPC codes off the top of the box, A 7 or 10 lbs box of food is worth 10 points. A 2,3 or 4 lbs box of food is worth 5 points.

Send in your completed submission form to The Honest Kitchen, Attn: Customer Rewards, 145 14th Street, San Diego, CA 92101.  They recommend certified mail or a similar traceable service.

40 Points
Earn free Honest Kitchen treats! of your choice.  (Up to $11 value)

80 Points
Earn a free 4 lbs box of Honest Kitchen pet food of your choice.  (Up to $43 value)

120 Points
Earn a free 10 lbs box of Honest Kitchen dog food of your choice.  (Up to $82 value)

Honest Kitchen also launched a Breeder’s Reward Program and Allies Program visit their site to read all about their new programs!

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AKC Eukanuba Poster Contest

The American Kennel Club® and Eukanuba are pleased to announce the start of the commemorative poster competition in which artists are encouraged to submit an original two-dimensional painting or drawing celebrating the theme: “The Wonderful World of Purebred Dogs.” The poster will commemorate the 10th Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship where thousands of top dogs from around the globe compete for $225,000 in prize money and the chance to be named National Champion, one of the biggest honors in the dog world.

The theme of the artwork may focus on various subject matters, including: AKC events, the name of the event, the bond between humans and canines, purebred puppies, or the setting for this year’s event, and must depict multiple breeds. The show will be in Long Beach, Calif. on December 4-5, 2010 and will be nationally televised. For inspiration or more information on various AKC events, including the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, please visit

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My How Fast They Grow Up!

Golden Retriever PuppyMy how they grow!  Here is Biscuit when she first started coming to Doggie Daycare back when she was a wee little puppy, now she is all grown up!  Biscuit lives with her sister Cinnamon, a beautiful little red dachshund, who is also a regular at The Grove.

Biscuit enjoys playing with little and big dogs but most of all she loves to jump up and grip your waist with her front paws in a tight hug.  We have really enjoyed watching her grow up into such a cute young lady, kudo’s to her human parents for their outstanding job of early socialization and training.

Those early months of doggie daycare and grooming have produced a dog who is stable, confident, happy and getting her nails done is just another part of a normal day.

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Yellow Jacket Alerts!

Over the 4th of July weekend Pierce county hospitals saw numerous individuals for severe stings.

“Five people have been hospitalized due to anaphylactic shock from bee or wasp stings, and that’s an unusual number,” said Joby Winans of the Pierce County Health Department.

Hospital officials stated it is normal to see one or two bee sting victims a year,  to see so many in  one week is very unusual.  Public health officials have taken notice.

With what appears to be a healthy population of Yellow Jackets and Bees this year in the Pacific Northwest be sure to be prepared for treating your pets in case of a sting.

Below is an excerpt of the AKC Pet First Aid Advisory:

Bee and Wasp Stings can be painful and frightening for a dog. Follow these procedures if your dog is stung:

  • Carefully remove the stinger with tweezers, if possible. (Only bees leave stingers.)
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the area.
  • Apply an ice pack to relieve swelling and pain.
  • Comfort the dog until the pain has diminished.

Usually a single sting does not present a serious problem. If the sting is on the nose, mouth or around the head, watch your dog carefully to make sure that any swelling does not interfere with breathing or swallowing. If the swelling increases dramatically just a few minutes after the sting, see a veterinarian immediately.

Multiple stings can cause more damage, and may be life-threatening. If you see your dog disturb a hive or swarm of wasps or bees, call the dog to you and run, or, if necessary, pick up your dog and carry it away. Try to put distance between your dog and the swarm as quickly as possible. Once you and the dog are safe, get medical attention as soon as possible.

If possible, give antihistamines to your dog right away (Your veterinarian can give you a supply for your dog’s first aid kit, and advise you on dosage and administration). Then take your dog to the closest veterinarian. Treatment for massive stings usually involves intravenous catheterization, the administration of fluids, giving of corticosteroids and monitoring of vital signs. The goal of treatment is to prevent shock and circulatory collapse and to minimize damage to organ systems.

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Dog Fur Made Oil Booms!

That’s it, I am now convinced that dogs really can save the world!

Matter of Trust, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, takes dog fur and turns it into booms that absorb spilled oil!

These Dog Fur Booms are in action right now in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana!

Check out this video comparing a traditional oil boom to a dog hair oil boom:

Since we do a bit of grooming here at The Grove we signed up to ship our clippings to Matter of Trust to help with Dog Hair Booms!  Visit their How to Help Page for ideas on how you could help save the coast too!

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Evangers 2011 Photo Contest


12 winners will be chosen as the pet of the month, but this year entrants will be competing for a feature spread under one of the calendar’s 4 themes:

1) Evanger’s Dog and Cat Sport Exhibitors

2)Service Dogs including (but not limited to): service pets for disabled, police & military work dogs, and search & rescue dogs.

3)Rescued pets

4)Most creative pet photo

Winners will receive Evanger’s Super Premium Canned and Dry Pet Food. The calendar will be offered free at select pet stores with a purchase of an Evanger’s product, and will be available for $5.95 through Evanger’s Web site when it is released in October. Calendar details can be found at


Send your image as an e-mail attachment to no later than 6 PM EDT July 31, 2010. In your email, include the following information:

  • · Your name.
  • · The photographer’s name.
  • · The names of all pet(s) in the photo.
  • · Your address and phone number (to enable Evanger’s to contact you if you win).


In addition to having their pets featured in the annual Evanger’s calendar, winners may choose from two prize options:

  • Option 1: Once case of dog and/or cat food (any variety).
  • Option 2: One 16.5 pound dry dog food bag (Chicken with Brown Rice, Pheasant with Brown Rice, or Whitefish & Sweet Potato) OR One 12 pound dry cat food bag (Pheasant & Whitefish).


  1. Only high-resolution digital images (minimum 300 dpi) can be accepted. Please do not submit scanned photographs or photographs taken by cell phone.
  2. All entries must be the original work of the entrant.
  3. The entrant must own the copyright to the photograph.
  4. Evanger’s reserves the right to crop photos, if necessary.
  5. By submitting an image, entrants grant Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co., Inc., the right to use the photograph in the 2011 Calendar and in any other publications, media or related promotions.


  • Well-lit images (dark images do not transfer well)
  • Keep a camera nearby to capture those “once in a lifetime” moments
  • Competition is fierce so think about what shots will set your photo apart from the rest
  • Use this to develop your photography skills!
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Terrier Loves German Shepherd

Meet Ms. Coffy, she may be small but don’t tell her that, you won’t like  her reply!  Coffy began her days here at The Grove in the Little Dog Daycamp Room but it became quickly apparent that she preferred the Big Dog Room.

Coffy became instant best buddies with the striking Taz.  Watching this friendship of opposites develop has been a great time for all of us at The Grove.  Little black terrier mix “Coffy” meets and falls in love with Big White German Shepherd “Taz”, their rowdy play and constant snuggling brings a smile to us everyday!

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Renowned Veterinary Tick Expert Gets Bit

Dr. Ed Breitschswerdt, an internationally renowned veterinary internist and tickborne disease expert, missed a small tick on his body after an outing in the woods in North Carolina.

Dr. Ed Breitschswerdt has authored hundreds of papers, led hundreds of research projects on Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases at NCU Veterinary Research and is one of the lead investigators at NCU’s Vector Borne Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.

I  had the opportunity to hear Dr. Breitschswerdt speak about Tick Borne Diseases in Dogs and was amazed at his vast knowledge and expertise.  Dr. Breitschswerdt removed the tick as soon as he noticed a few days later and preserved the tick in a vial of alcohol for testing but within a week he began exhibiting signs, he was all to familiar with, of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

We cross our fingers that Dr. Breitschswerdt has a complete and speedy recovery!!!  His infection also serves as a great reminder that we all need to be vigilant with Ticks on both our dogs and ourselves!

Always check your dog and self for Ticks after being outdoors, perserve any found ticks and watch for signs of swelling, redness, rash or irritation near tick sites.

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Banfield/PetSmart “unethical medical and business practices”?

"Treating Your Pets Like Family?"

A recent lawsuit filed by a disgruntled veterinarian launches some pretty serious accusations against Banfield such as “unethical medical and business practices that endangered the well-being of patients and gouged their owners”.

Banfield uses a “performance based incentive” or “commission” to pay their veterinary employees, I have often wondered how this practice effects patient treatment, diagnosis and outcomes.  Personally I avoid all corporate owned veterinary hospitals and prefer private practices.

While these statements of “unethical medicine” are only accusations at this point the 28 page complaint outlines some very specific cases as examples, which are more than concerning.  A well written report of the case is reported over at VIN.

I found it curious that  The Oregon State Veterinary Medical Examining Board could not comment on these complaints and has no jurisdiction because the board licenses individual veterinarians, not medical facilities.

So, who is policing Banfield ? to what standards are they held to ?

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