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Kibble Spruce Ups

Even dry kibble can be enhanced with ease! Feel free to bring your own "Kibble Spruce Up" or instruct us to use something from our kitchen. Kibble Spruce Ups from our kitchen are only $2.00 per stay, regardless of how many nights your pet is with us, we charge only per stay just to help off set Chef costs.

  • Shredded Chub -also known as "Dog Food Rolls" or "Meat Rolls" are a dry but soft pressed roll of food. The most popular brands are Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance, Red Barn and Pet Botanics. They are easily sliced up, shredded or cubed. We like to shred some and mix with kibble for a nice unexpected flavor and treat for our guests.
  • Yogurt -Yogurt or Kefir added to kibble is good for the tummy and tastes great too!



Our Snacks are intended to be healthy and fun!

  • Stuffed Kongs -Kongs stuffed with yogurt and peanut butter topped off with a milk bone then frozen. This healthy snack occupies the mind and satisfies the tummy for hours!$2
  • Frozen Bones -Frozen Knuckle, Soup or Beef Back Ribs provide excellent chew satisfaction.$Varies



Wellness Services

Daily wellness services enrich your pet's stay and wellbeing!

  • Daily tooth brushing -Bring your pet's toothbrush from home or we can provide a new brush. We utilize PetZlife Peppermint Tooth-gel or you can bring your pet's favorite toothpaste from home. Daily tooth brushing for our hotel guests is $3 per day.
  • 15 minute Brush Out -Daily brushing at home helps maintain great coat condition and relaxes your pet while nurturing your bonds with your pet. While your on vacation we would be happy to continue this activity, feel free to bring your pet's brush from home or we have lots of brushes available from the Spa. 15 Minute Brush Out for hotel guests during their stay is $5 per day.
  • Veterinary Transport -Don't let your travels interrupt your pet's treatment schedule. Have an acupuncture appointment, water therapy or a follow up appointment? We are happy to transport and attend these appointments with your pet while he/she is our guest. Transport in the Olympia/Lacey area is $15 per visit, for other locations please call for pricing.



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