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The Grove

Friendly Grove Dog Boarding and Daycamp is located on 28 acres in Olympia, Washington.  The Grove is a Doggie Oasis conveniently located 5 minutes from downtown Olympia and Lacey, with an abundance of trails, open fields, a seasonal pond, lush greenery and native landscaping.  Very little of the Grove is disturbed providing a sanctuary for local wildlife and peaceful walks for our guests.

Private Boarding Suites

Each Kennel Suite is 5 x 8 indoor and 5 x 12 outdoor, providing your pet with 100 sq feet of private space.  Each Suite has a guillotine door separating the indoor / outdoor space which is open throughout the day (weather permitting) and closed at night.  Each Suite is separated by solid walls inside and outside, giving our guests privacy, security and ensuring the safety of individual guests.  Sealed cement floors with underlying radiant heat which are easily and frequently cleaned, we have raised hammock style beds for guests who prefer to snuggle above the floor.  Bedding from home is also allowed.

The kennel has radiant heat floors throughout the building, we also  have automated ventilation throughout the kennel providing fresh air throughout the day and night.


Libby's Room - Little Dog Daycamp

Our small daycamp room is affectionately referred to as Libby's Room.  Libby was a beautiful doxy who belonged to an even more incredible woman Shirley.  Libby enjoyed daycare but was often overwhelmed by the big dogs, so what else could we do but build a room for Libby and her best pal Milo !  Libby's Room is completely enclosed with separate air conditioning, forced air heat and a heat lamp.  The room has fresh bottled water, raised bed, radio and cd player and a variety of toys.


General Doggie Daycamp

The large doggie daycamp consists of an indoor and outdoor area.  The indoor room has radiant heat floors, satellite TV and music, a variety of toys and plenty of corners to snuggle in and room to romp around.  The indoor area leads to an outdoor fenced play yard where we can play ball or frisbee or just lay around in the sun.


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