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Out Pet stylists work with you to design and customize the best Spa and Wellness package to help your pet live life beautifully ! We utilize a wide menu of products and techniques to meet your pet’s needs. Please feel free to customize your own package or select one of our existing add on packages to create that special day for your pet!


Pampered Pet Standard Base Package

The Pampered Pet Package is our standard grooming package. A Blueberry facial scrub, followed by a luxury cleaning shampoo by Spa Lavish which are chosen for their purifying and circulation boosting properties, helping to combat the effect of toxins. Dead skin cells are sloughed away and your pets coat will immediately be naturally radiant, nourished and healthier. Your pets Spa bath will be deep cleansing, refreshing and naturally aromatic. A soft terry cloth towel rub down and a gentle blow dry and your dog is ready for his/her hand sculpting trim, pedicure and ear cleansing.

  • Blueberry Facial Scrub
  • Luxury Cleaning Shampoo and Creme Rinse
  • Soft Terry cloth rub down and gentle blow dry.
  • Hand sculpting trim or clipper trim.
  • Pedicure and Ear Cleansing.

$ Prices vary due to size, length of hair.
Est. Small $30, Medium $45, Large $60, Giant $90
View Our Breed Pricing Examples


Spa and Wellness Add On Packages


Shampoo Upgrade - Add on $10

Turn your pets regular grooming appointment into a true spa experience!! We have collected an exclusive line of top shelf Shampoo & Conditioning products from around the world to transform your pets coats to Best In Show worthy!

Dog Grooming

  • Panagenics - Exclusive in the Northwest to Friendly Grove Resort & Spa. Panagenics previously has been exclusive to top show competing dogs around the world, we are honored to be selected as a Panagenics Spa.
  • IV San Bernard - Italy's most renowned product line featuring amazing ingredients and powerful hydration properties.
  • Isle of Dogs - Best known for their patented "Extend a Scent" which leaves a long lasting fresh fragrance on your pet.






Celebrated Pet Package - Add on $30

Turn your pets regular grooming appointment into a true spa experience!! Begin with a private outdoor activity prior to grooming to burn off some energy. After the luxury cleaning shampoo, your pet will enjoy a warm Moroccan oil rub down with warm towel wrap. Followed by a break with a spa cuisine snack while the oil seeps into the coat to replenish moisture and balance. After the coat is styled, finish off with coat dressing & cologne spritz.

Includes: Doggy Daycare or Private activity, Warm Moroccan oil rub down, Spa cuisine snack, Coat dressing & Cologne spritz

Dog Grooming
  • 1/2 Day Doggy Daycare/Private Activity $18
  • Warm Moroccan oil Rub Down $10
  • Cologne Spritz $5
  • Spa Cuisine Snack $2
  • Coat Dressing $5



Rejuvenate Package - Add on $20

Before the luxury cleaning shampoo, remove those tufts of dead undercoat with a reverse coat brush and thinning of split ends. Follow the shampoo with a unique blend of Dead Sea Salts and natural minerals to eliminate dandruff, draw toxins from the skin & relieve itching. Formulated with organic aloe, vit E and rosemary essential oil. We start from the rear of the dog and moving along the spine toward the head, massage the salts into the dog’s wet coat, leaving the coat and body fresh and relaxed. Includes: Undercoat Removal & Dead Sea Salt Scrub

    Dog Grooming
  • Undercoat Removal $15
  • Dead Sea Salt Scrub $10






Furminator Package - Add on $90

Dog GroomingBefore the luxury cleaning shampoo, remove those tufts of dead undercoat with a reverse coat brush and thinning of split ends.

Follow the cleansing shampoo with FURminator’s patented Premium de-shedding shampoo; Enriched with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Calendula Extract and Papaya Leaf Extract. We start from the rear of the dog and moving along the spine toward the head, massage and exfoliate the skin to loosen hair.

A deep surge rinse and then apply the de-Shedding conditioning solution. Another deep exfoliation and deep surge rinse. A reverse coat dry with forced air, towel finish and onto the actual FURminator brush out.

Includes: Undercoat Removal & FURminator

  • Undercoat Removal $15
  • Dead Sea Salt Scrub $10



Bling It Package - Add on $20

Dog Grooming— A Before & After Add on —

Before the luxury cleaning shampoo, remove those tufts of dead undercoat with a reverse coat brush and thinning of split ends.

After the cleansing shampoo with a Blueberry facial scrub and a slow, soft shampoo with Juicy Couture’s patented Crittoure Shampoo and luxury coat softening conditioner. After a warm rinse and dry a small amount of Juicy’s dog cologne top off with an optional Swarovski crystal ear glue on, bow or hip bandanda and/or Nail Polish !

  • Undercoat Removal $15
  • Juicy Indulgence $20
  • Swarovski Crystal $5
  • Nail Polish $5



Essential Well Being Package - Add on $25

Dog GroomingFollowing the luxury cleaning shampoo and application of Deep Restorative Conditioner. Hydration is one of the most important elements in a healthy, controlled and shiny coat. A personalized Restorative Deep Conditioning treatment restores and enhances your pet's hair health and natural glow.

A coat dressing infused with a complex of triple natural lanolin to strengthen and repair fine, limp coats, leaving them thicker and healthier looking,  a mink oil which gives dull coats a natural sheen and body without being oily or sticky, promotes coat growth while eliminating breakage, a warm Moroccan oil rub down or hand warmed coconut oil rub down.

A thorough toothbrushing with PetZlife peppermint toothpaste with help remove debris and fight plaque!

With a soft supple coat and clean breath we just must top off with a Cologne spritz !!

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment $15
  • Tooth Brushing $12
  • Cologne Spritz $5



Calming Package - Add on $10

Dog GroomingWhen your pet arrives he will enjoy a tasty morsel from Pet Naturals of Vermont which contain a Colostrum Calming Complex, L-Theanine and Vit B1 to alleviate stress and help your pet relax. We will use the DERMagic Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo bar to infuse your pet’s bath with the calming therapeutic aroma of Lavender. A lovely paw soak with Blueberry Paw Bubble bath to prepare your pet for his pedicure.

  • Pet Naturals Calming Tab $5
  • Bubble Bath with Aroma $12




Therapeutic Mud Treatments

Dog Grooming

Our beloved dogs live in a human world filled with toxins and pollutants that can be harmful to their health and well-being. Bored, stressed, or irritable dogs manifest their discomfort through their skin and coat. Hot spots, blemishes, irritations and other canine dermatitis conditions cause pain, tenderness and sensitivity. Our Mud treatments detox the undesirables while nourishing with vital nutrients and hydrating with essential omega oils. A Mud Treatment begins with a warm hydro surge water massage, the mud is applied with a brush line by line all over, then massaged for 30 minutes then rinsed off with conditioner to lock in the nutrients. 4 Different Mud Treatments available depending on the needs of your pet, our salon technician can help you decide which treatment would be most beneficial

  • Depending on Size & Treatment Selection $20-$60



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