Dalila is a Bernese Mountain Dog with lots of sass and a smile to melt your heart! Dalila has grown up here at the grove and loves coming to daycare. She enjoys a good game of chase with her best buds, Oly and Beatrice. She loves snack time, and even reminds us when snack time is!! Her hobbies consist of digging holes (then pretending to be innocent) and running marathon laps.


  • Favorite Daycare Snack: Frozen Kongs with Peanut Butter
  • Best Friend Daycare Buddy: Oly and Beatrice
  • Favorite Daycamp Activity: Digging holes and running marathons
  • Best Known for at the Grove: Digging holes
  • Favorite Spa Item: Restorative Deep Conditioning Treatment



Nai'a is a French Bulldog with 100% Personality! She is a regular here at The Grove and has a HUGE fan club!!! Nai'a loves making new friends, big or small, 2 legged or 4 legged! She looks small and dainty, but is quite the tom boy and enjoys a good wrestling match! Her favorite daycare snack is a spoonful of peanut butter!!! Her best friends are Toby (another Frenchie) and course her new baby sister Sugar!!!!


  • Favorite Daycare Snack: Peanut Butter
  • Best Friend Daycare Buddy: Basil and Dalila
  • Favorite Daycamp Activity: Tug a War
  • Best Known for at the Grove: Giving snuggles
  • Favorite Spa Item: Hypo Oatmeal shampoo and Dead Sea Salt Body Scrubs



Taz is a beautiful white german shepherd !  He has been coming to the grove since he was a baby and loves playing with his friends, especially his girlfriend Coffy !!  Taz is a real ladies man and is often referred to as the love bug of the pack !  He enjoys taking naps and snacking on his favorite frozen peanut butter and yogurt kongs !!!  Some of his hobbies include Agility and Herding and looks forward to sailing on the boat with his parents during the Summer !


  • Favorite Daycare Snack: Frozen Kongs with Peanut Butter
  • Best Friend Daycare Buddy: Coffy
  • Favorite Daycamp Activity: Nap & Movie Time
  • Best Known for at the Grove: Romancing the ladies
  • Favorite Spa Item: Alpha White Shampoo



Cinnamon is a gorgeous Labrador Retriever, playfully known as "Pig".  Labs are full of energy and always ready to play!
Cinnamon enjoys playing with all her friends and is very popular with the fella's.  She loves birthday parties here at the grove, because she gets lots of treats!!  But don't tell her parents, they think she is on a diet ;)

Cinnamon has several good daycare buddies but is especially bonded with Emmett !

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the United States and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1917! They have a very active national breed club and breed rescue organization, if your interested in the Labrador visit their official site known as the Labrador Retriever Club.

The Lab is an active dog which requires regular activity, they make an excellent family pet if well socialized early!

Learn More:

The Labrador Retriever Club—The official parent club of the Lab


Lucy is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel with a bossy, playful nature.  Cocker spaniels usually like to play with other small to medium large breeds but not Lucy she is all about the big dog play time!  She loves to play ball and zip around the fields like a crazy munchkin !  Lucy lives with Super Sam and Marshall Pearl, all three girls are regular day campers!

The Cocker spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1878!  They have a very active national breed club and breed rescue organization, if your interested in the cocker visit their official site known as the American Spaniel Club.

The cocker is an active dog which requires regular grooming, they make an excellent family pet if well socialized early !

Learn More:

The American Kennel Club— The Cocker Spaniel

The American Spaniel Club—The official parent club of the Cocker

The American Spaniel Foundation—Rescue and Health info for the Cocker


Bella PuppyBella Bear is a  Landseer which is a term used for Newfoundlands with a white base coat.  Bella has been a regular here at The Grove since she  was an itty bitty puppy!  Now she is almost all grown up! 

Bella began daycare in the Tweeny room and her and  Nai’a became best friends to this day!  Bella now rules the Big Dog Play room and loves to play with Sherman, Talia and Emmett!

The Newfoundland is a giant breed and requires socialization and solid training.  The Newfoundland Charitable Trust is one of the most active and productive canine health foundations in the world!  If your interested in a puppy or want to learn more about the Newfoundland visit the Newfoundland Club of America, a very active and responsible club with it's own rescue and education committees.


Gracie is a Wire Haired Dachshund, although much smaller than the standard for this breed !  She is what some refer to as a "Tweeny Dachshund".   Gracie has been a regular at Friendly Grove Dog Resort for a couple years now, she loves playing with other small dogs.

Gracie's brown eyes will melt your heart and she snuggles right into you begging for belly scratches and extra cookies!!

If you'd like to learn more about the Dachshund...

AKC Breed Information for The Dachshund

Official Dachshund Rescue



Art “Art” is a bloodhound, of course, who loves doggy daycare!

He loves small, medium and large dogs but his best buddy is “Sherman”
a Portuguese Water Dog.

Art has a zest for life and his rich chocolate eyes just melt your heart with one glance.  Art wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy, he just makes you want to smile when your around him.

The Bloodhound is one of the oldest original scent hounds,  "The actual term "Bloodhound" refers not to what the Bloodhound trails but instead refers to its status as the "blooded hound," meaning aristocratic, since such great lengths were taken early on to keep the strain clean."


Puppy at Doggie DaycareMy how they grow!  Here is Biscuit when she first started coming to The Grove back when she was a wee little puppy, now she is all grown up!  Biscuit lives with her sister Cinnamon, a beautiful little red dachshund, who is also a regular at The Grove.

Biscuit enjoys playing with little and big dogs but most of all she loves to jump up and grip your waist with her front paws in a tight hug.  We have really enjoyed watching her grow up into such a cute young lady, kudo’s to her human parents for their outstanding job of early socialization and training.

Those early months of doggie daycare and grooming have produced a dog who is stable, confident, happy and getting her nails done is just another part of a normal day.

Doggy Daycare in Olympia, WAMeet Ms. Coffy, she may be small but don’t tell her that, you won’t like  her reply!  Coffy began her days here at The Grove in the Little Dog Daycamp Room but it became quickly apparent that she preferred the Big Dog Room.

Coffy became instant best buddies with the striking Taz.  Watching this friendship of opposites develop has been a great time for all of us at The Grove.  Little black terrier mix “Coffy” meets and falls in love with Big White German Shepherd “Taz”, their rowdy play and constant snuggling brings a smile to us everyday!

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