Doggy Daycare in Olympia, WALittle Miss Miley is a seasoned traveler, visiting us all the way from Alaska!  Her Mom works temporary positions here in Olympia a couple times a year and we get Miley for daycamp.

We affectionately refer to Miley as our “little monkey” her climbing and acrobat skills are unmatched, she is also the fastest running dog ever at the grove!  She corners on a dime and her straight away run for the ball is breath taking!

Miley is friends with everyone but especially Dallas and Emmett.

Doggy Daycare in Lacey, WAMs. Willa is long time visitor to Friendly Grove Boarding and Daycamp.  She is a beautiful Golden Retriever, a mature female who is nuturing to younger puppies and playful with all dogs.  Ms. Willa enjoys her spa days, especially the scrubbing part!

We really enjoy having the pleasure of Willa as a guest, she is calm, well trained exceptionally well socialized.  She provides nervous guests with a calming influence, we frequently ask Willa to help us with guests who have anxiety.

Thank you Ms. Willa !!!!!

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Doggy Daycare in Lacey, WACooper is a regular weekly guest at The Grove.  Cooper is truly a unique dog, he is sensitive, playful, intelligent and kind. 

We are very proud of Cooper’s recent acceptance to the  Providence St. Peter’s Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy  program!  Now lots of children and adults will get to experience The Cooper Man !!!

Cooper is now our fourth daycare dog who has passed the program along with Isis and Brody.

Cooper enjoys spending time with Emma, he loves canned pumpkin but most of all he loves a good snuggle.

If you would like to learn more about Canine Therapy Certification in Washington State visit The Delta Society.

Black LabTucker has been a regular at The Grove for quite awhile now, Tucker loves the ball....LOVES THE BALL!!!!

Tucker also enjoys frisbee and loves the taste of Green Tripe.

Tucker is aging gracefully but the long frolics in the field are abit much for him now a days, so Tucker will retire from daycamp this month.  We will miss the dedicated and enthusiastic ball time.


We will still get to see Tucker when Mom and Dad go on vacation and Tucker's little brother Charlie will still be here on Fridays!  (Hopefully, Tucker will enjoy a nice quiet friday while we wear Charlie out!)

Puppies at Doggy DaycareThis summer we had some new puppies join The Grove, as the summer turns to fall I thought it would be great feature a few of our Summer puppy visitors!

Sjoko joined us late this summer, although young and small she is fearless!  The bigger the better as far as Sjoko is concerned, her favorite playmates are Sam and Emmett.  Sjoko is the newest addition to Dallas's family.

Axel joined us mid-summer and shares Sjoko's fearless attitude of life.  Axel loves to play chase in the yard and runs to the door with such enthusiasm that he has not learned to use his brakes yet!  He is constantly running headfirst into to any door, person, wall or dog!  We are hoping he learns to brake soon ;)

Madison is a dainty spaniel cross, while she is not as head strong or fearless as Sjoko and Axel, once she warms up she enjoys  a good game of chase.  Madison is a softer and sweeter puppy, enjoying the human staff as well as the other dogs.

Sam joined us for daycare early summer and later training sessions with his Mom.  Sam is one of the most full throttle dogs I have met in many years.  He is extremely smart, always looking for a problem to solve or start.  He is very lucky his Mom works from home and is able to dedicate so much to keep him mentally and physically stimulated otherwise I fear he would self combust!

Yellow Lab at Doggy Daycare

Here comes Osa !  Osa is a full throttle rocket from the get go !  Osa runs as clean as a greyhound and corners perhaps better than one too !  She is all Yellow Labrador though and loves to go off hunting with her family and chasing the ball in our open fields.

Osa has been raised on a all raw diet which her parents get directly from Columbia River Feed.  Osa is bright eyed and healthy!

Osa has the most interesting bark, it is like a song almost.  Her bark and her ability to streak across the field after a ball are just two of her unique charms.

Osa gets along with every dog I have ever seen her meet and she is in the same happy mood every time I have seen her!  All the other dogs tire well before Osa is even out of breath !

Osa is a hunting line Lab and as you can see has tons of energy, fortunatley her family has taken that energy and kept it productive and provide her with lots of activities to keep her busy both mentally and physically.

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KatieMeet Ms. Katie, she is a beautiful Golden Retriever who has been coming to The Grove for many years now. Ms. Katie has eyes so rich chocolate brown that she really melts your heart! Ms. Katie is great with our puppy visitors, she plays so gentle and helps nervous visitors adjust quickly.

The Golden Retriever was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925 and the Golden Retriever Club of America has established a very successful and active Health Committee which is working very hard to irridicate the breed of health problems.  The Health website is also an important resource for Golden owners everywhere.

Ms. Katie is always accompanied by her brother Brodie and sister Lexie, they make for a great trio!

Learn More about the Golden Retriever....


Meet Emmett, the larger than life Great Dane! We have been so fortunate to watch Emmett grow..and grow...and grow into the beautiful young man he is today!
Emmett's parents have done an amazing job with early socialization and proper diet!  With all dogs it is important to have a strong foundation of socializing, diet and yes, discipline but with a Giant Breed it is even more important that these key areas be attended to early!

Emmett is comfortable around tiny dogs, medium sized dogs and other giant dogs are fine too.  Emmett loves to ...

Meet Chowder, the Lovely Border Collie.  Chowder has been a regular at The Grove for a few years now.  She has great stamina and loves to herd the other dogs all day!  She never tires, loves to lay in a nice wet mud puddle after a long ball chasing event!


The Border Collie is a HIGH energy dog and requires frequent exercise and lots of mental stimulation.  The Border Collie although present in the United States for many years was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995.

Noah is a Labrador Retriever who is a regular daycamper here at the Grove.  Noah has been coming to daycamp for some time now and keeps us on schedule, in fact we would all have to admit that Noah is "The Time Keeper".

Many of us have pets who become restless an hour or so before dinner time or seem to know it is time for Mom or Dad to get home but trust me when I say that Noah is "The Time Keeper"!


Noah is the most regular dog I know, he demands at least 3 walks a day; morning walk should be on the trails followed by another field walk exactly 2 hours later and come 3:30 pm to the field again for his afternoon stick time and potty break.

Noah also has the location of each cookie jar memorized and knows which pocket I keep treats in!

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