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Natural & Organic Mud Treatments

Madra Mór Mud natures way to Cleanse, Protect and Rejuvenate.  Our Mud treatments detox the undesirables while nourishing with vital nutrients and hydrating with essential omega oils.  A Mud Treatment begins with a warm hydro surge water massage, the mud is applied with a brush line by line all over, then massaged for 30 minutes then rinsed off with conditioner to lock in the nutrients.  4 Different Mud Treatments available depending on the needs of your pet, our salon technician can help you decide which treatment would be most beneficial.



Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Dog Grooming

Harness the therapeutic power of natural sea minerals to pamper and detoxify your pet. Our Dead Sea Salt Scrub is available as a stand alone Spa service and as an add on to your regular grooming appointment. We start from the rear of the dog and moving along the spine toward the head, massage the salts into the dog’s wet coat, leaving the coat and body fresh and relaxed.

Add To Standard Grooming Appt $10
Stand Alone Spa Service Small $30, Medium $45, Large $50, Giant $80


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