Selecting a Boarding Package

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Select one of our stock boarding packages or build a custom package to enhance your dog's stay or meet the specific needs and desires of the pampered pet. Following are some examples a few of our regulars use and suggestions...


Most dog's up to 7 years of age do best on the Premium package where activities are not limited however several guests either due to age or physical limitations need a custom package.  Our goal is to meet the physical and mental demands of your pet so that their stay is stimulating and fulfilling.

We have several regulars who benefit the most from a custom package, here are a few examples that you can request by name:


Tucker's Package

TuckerTucker is a mature yellow labrador who has some arthritis settling in his old joints but his mind is still young and curious. He enjoys romping in the play room, lazy strolls in the woods and sniffing his way around the trails. Working with Tucker's Mom we have found a combination of activities that provide just the right amount of physical activity and mental stimulation leaving Tucker fulfilled but not aggravating his arthritis.

Tucker's Package:



Addie's Package

AddieAddie is a labradoodle whose energy has no end. She is quick, intelligent and demands activities which challenge her physically and mentally!  Addie enjoys having a special One on One at least every other day this is usually a visit to the pond for a swim session.

Addie's Package:


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