Paw & Pad Care

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Paw Wellness Services

Those paws and pads that carry our friends are often overlooked and taken for granted. Besides keeping our dogs nails short, healthy hydrated pads provide our pets with protection from hot and cold surfaces allow them to avoid slipping and ensure proper balance.



Standard Pedicure - $12


Poodle Feet and Ears - $18

The hair just past the toes is carefully removed with a very short blade, hair under and between the toes is also removed. The leg hair is either blended or blunt shaped to blend into the foot and the nails are filed. The inside of the ears are shaved and hair is plucked. This is a great procedure for many breeds, not just a poodle. Helps to prevent ear infections and keeps mud off the floor !





Deluxe Hydration Pedicure - $24



Spa Exfoliate & Hydrate Pedicure - $36


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