About Our Spa

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Little Dog Introduction

Our state of the art salon was designed with the health and safety of each pet in mind, from the selection of each piece of equipment to each product we offer.  Coming from the Dog Show World we decided it was time for each and every pampered pet to be able to receive the Show Dog treatment.  We are proud to bring exclusive products and techniques usually only offered to Top Show Dogs around the world to the pampered pets of The Northwest.


Our Spa Team

From the Dog Show world and Pet Industry we have combined a team of highly trained and dedicated staff.

Dog Grooming


Our Tubs

Beginning with the selection of our tubs we strive to select products that will provide an amazing experience for each pet who visits our salon. All of our products and every piece of equipment is chosen with the health and safety of each pet in mind, furthermore we strive to select companies and manufactures that support our values, enhance communities and manufacturer in a sustainable way.

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Our Tools

Selecting only the highest grade tools to clip, to scissor and to blend means our finish work is competition worthy but living room ready.

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Our Tables

We proudly use PetLift tables a division of Vetlift, the premier manufacturer of quality veterinary electric tables for over 40 years. Every piece of the table is fabricated in the United States by S&B Metal a family owned steel company since 1974.

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Our Products

We use and carry a variety of products from around the world. Most of our products are from the Dog Show World, where coat, hair and skin growth is paramount, we are honored to bring these products and techniques to our pampered pet clients.



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