Spa Wellness Services

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Beauty and Wellness an Ideal Combination

Our Spa services are a wonderful indulgence of pampering for your pet but more importantly we aim to rejuvenate and refresh your pet.† The skin is the largest organ of your pet's body and yet traditionally it receives the lest attention.† Our pet's encounter the same hair and skin damage that our bodies do everyday.† Their coats become dry and brittle, their skin dry and itchy.† Our Spa services are designed to hydrate and restore your pet's coat to a healthy state.

Health and Beauty are our goals.† Our Salon services will provide your pet with a beautiful sculptured hair cut and our Spa services are devoted to enhancing overall well being through a variety of natural products designed to rejuvenate and nourish the coat and skin.

To Cleanse & Rejuvenate Body Treatments

All Over Body Treatments are focused on providing hydration while detoxing.

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