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Dog Boarding FAQ's & Boarding Tips

May I bring my dog's food ?

Pet's personal items from home are always encouraged.  We have a fully functioning kitchen at our facility.  Foods which need to be frozen, refrigerated, warmed or mixed are not a problem and no extra fee.

What about medications ?

Oral, topical and/or injectable medications are given with ease and at no additional cost.  Please bring all medications clearly labeled with dose and frequency, original veterinarian prescription bottles are preferred

May I bring toys or bedding?

Please bring whatever you feel is going to assist us with your pet's comfort.  We do have blankets, raised hammock style beds and tons of toys but if your pet needs his/her favorite blankey or stuffy please bring it along.  Remember we do live on 28 acres and engage in lots of activities with our guests, therefore, white cashmere blankets are not recommended!

What happens if my pet gets injured or ill during a vacation?

Depending on the nature of the injury or illness, we will contact your listed veterinarian first.  In case of emergency, we will take your pet to the closest, open veterinarian at that moment.  In most cases we use South Bay Vet Clinic managed by Dr. Molitor, located less than 5 minutes from our facility.  After we have ensured your pet is stable we will of course contact you or your designated emergency contact.

What Paperwork is needed ?

We need for each client to complete our Intake Packet which is available here, we also need copies of recent vaccines which we request be faxed directly to us at 360-352-1254.

How do I make a reservation ?

To make a reservation please either phone us directly (360-352-1322) or email us  , let us know the drop off date and pick up date. We will return your email or voice mail message as soon as possible to confirm availability.we also need copies of recent vaccines which we request be faxed directly to us at 360-352-1254. Please visit our Reservations page for more info.

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