Grooming The Doodle

The Doodle can be one of the most challenging to groom due to the variance in coat texture, type and condition. The Doodle is also one of the funnest to groom, due to their rapid hair growth one can change styles completely several times a year.

Some Doodle coats are very similar to Poodle coats and require more maintenance and grooming than the Doodle whose coat is more similar to a Labrador. Most Doodle owners want a long, fluffy and scruffy looking dog which is undeniably cute but also requires more brushing and attention.

It is important that owners are critical with themselves and honestly decide how much time they want to dedicate to daily brushing ? how often are they wanting a full groom ? are they willing to bring their Doodle in for in between maintenance grooming ? All of these factors decide on exactly how long and fluffy your Doodle will be.

All Doodle coats do best when properly cleansed, conditioned, hydrated and line brushed - understanding how to line brush and which products will best suit your Doodle is what we do ! Over 25 years of working with show dogs in full coat - WE understand coat care! And while your Doodle is not a "show dog" - your Doodle is part Poodle or part Cocker or part Setter or ... and those "parts" are what make up the unique coat on your Doodle. The Doodle Groomer must intimately understand the structure and anatomy of hair and the variance of that structure in different breeds.

We understand Doodles and groom several everyday. We also understand Doodle owners love to be a part of the Doodles Grooming Experience and we offer Private Grooming Sessions by appointment. Feel free to call us about your Doodle needs 360-352-1322

Doodle grooming prices are based on length and type of coat, size of doodle and frequency of grooming.

Doodle & Poodle pricing is broke down into 3 length categories -

Short Coat Under a #5 blade (1/4" length)

Average 1/4" to 1" in length

Full Coated 1" and longer (all full coats are additional $15 due to additional time for drying and brushing)

We have a wonderful coat length chart in our office we can show you.

Doodle Pricing Examples

  • Small Doodle (similar in size to a Cavalier King Charles) - Short Coat $50, Average Coat $55, Full Coat $55 +$15
  • Medium Doodle (similar in size to a Heeler or Brittany) - Short Coat $55, Average Coat $65, Full Coat $65 +$15
  • Large Doodle (similar in size to a Boxer or Labrador) - Short Coat $65, Average Coat $85, Full Coat $85 +$15
  • Extra Large Doodle (similar in size to a Irish Setter) -Short Coat $85, Average Coat $120, Full Coat $120 +$15
  • Giant Doodle (similar in size to a Great Dane or Bernese Mtn Dog -Short Coat $90, Average Coat $160, Full Coat $160 +$15
  • Feel free to inquire about our Doodle Skin and Coat care program. Our Doodle Programs are custom tailored to meet needs of your Doodles coat, owners budget and scheduling. Our programs range from weekly or bi weekly.

$ Prices vary due to size, length of hair.