Poodle Feet $18

Poodle feet are not just for poodles! Having all that hair off the feet is perfect for many breeds who like to bring hairy muddy paws into the house. The hair just past the toes is carefully removed with a very short blade, hair under and between the toes is also removed. The leg hair is either blended or blunt-shaped to blend into the foot and the nails are filed.

Poodle Face $10

Messy beards? Wet face in your lap? Poodle faces are clean and hygienic! Clip the hair clean along the muzzle, and get rid of that beard and messy face!

15-Minute Brush Out - $18

Sometimes life is just so busy, let us help with that maintenance and stop by for a 15-minute brush out! We will brush out your pet from snout to tail (yes, it might be more than 15 minutes but "15 minutes brush out" sounded cool for the name of this package!).

Nail Reduction Series $75

It is easy for those nails to get out of control, consistent filing is the only way to get the quick to recede. To help our owners accomplish this we have the nail reduction series. Bring your pet in every two weeks and we will get that quick back and those nails short!
Pedicure Series 50%

Teeth Brushing /The Pearly White Progam

Dental disease is a serious threat to your canine companion. Maintaining good oral hygiene is a tough task. To help our owners accomplish this we have the Pearly White Series. Ideally, tooth brushing should occur daily or at least once per week. Weekly brushing can help prevent decay and work on the existing plaque. Daycare guests can schedule brushing on their daycare days. Hotel Guests can schedule daily brushing during their pet's stay

Spa Al a Carte Options

  • Anal Gland Expression $15
  • Bubble Bath with Aroma $15
  • Cologne Spritz $8
  • Coat Dressing $8
  • Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub $15
  • De-Matting $20/hr
  • Ear Hair Removal $12
  • 15 Minute Brush Out $18
  • Flea and Tick Treatment $10
  • FURminator $108
  • Hand Stripping $42 per hour
  • Juicy Indulgence $24
  • Moroccan Oil Rub $12
  • Nail Polish $10 per paw
  • Pedicure $15
  • Pet Naturals Calming Tab $10
  • Poodle Feet and Ears $20
  • Restorative Deep Condition $18
  • Spa Cuisine $3
  • Stencil Art $18
  • Swarvoski Crystal $10
  • Teeth Brushing $15
  • Undercoat Removal $18