Private Grooming Sessions A great way to learn how to maintain your dog in between or simply for the parent who wants to be a part of their pets spa experience! We offer private sessions once a week - Monday afternoon.

Benefits of Private Grooming

  • To Learn Learn about the tools, products and techniques used on your pet, how to properly brush and hydrate the coat to prevent matting and promote coat health, how to clean and maintain ear health & more.
  • Bonding Be a part of your pet's grooming experience, some of our pet parents don't desire to learn to groom but instead seek an activity that promotes bonding.
  • Awareness The most common statement from owners during a private session is "I didn't know". Understanding and experiencing the entire grooming experience is enlightening for our pet parents, providing a unique experience for both owner and pet.
  • Experienced Professionals

  • Our private grooming sessions are taught by professionals who are passionate about the care and well being of their clients and truly love sharing this knowledge with owners. They know that the better educated our owners are about skin and coat health the happier and healthier the pets will be.
  • Scheduling

  • There is only one session a week available, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking
  • Please call 360-352-1322 for an appointment. Private sessions will take place in our State of The Art Spa
  • $ Prices are based on 2 hour appt. Additional time billed $50/hr.
  • Est. Small $150, Medium $195, Large $225, Giant $290