Our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible while visiting us, personal items from home are encouraged!

Personal diets

  • Personal diets from home are also welcome or we can provide feed. Our kitchen is stocked with a microwave, refrigerator and freezer to accommodate special diets/requests.
  • Kibble Diets - Can be brought in a large zip lock bag for short stays or the original food bag is fine. Please label with brand name of food.
  • Raw Diets - Please separate feedings into labeled plastic zip lock baggies or Tupperware dishes. Please provide 2 extra servings.
  • Homemade Cooked Diets - For short stays a Tupperware dish which we can scoop daily feedings out of or long stays please separate weekly portions so we can freeze some to ensure freshness. Please include 2 extra servings.
TIP: Active dogs will burn more calories on vacation, please increase feeding amounts during their stay. It is also helpful to provide extra food so that we may increase as needed. Some pets may need extra bribery to eat; please bring items that have worked well in the past for your dog (broth, lunch meat, etc.).


  • Biscuits - We are well stocked with doggie biscuits. However, if your dog has a favorite nite time biscuit or daily favorite feel free to bring some ! Treats are labeled in ziplock baggies and hung on the entrance of your pets suite so we can be sure to give as directed.
  • Bones & Chewies - If your pet is used to getting bones or chewies please feel free to provide. Please do not give your dog a food item they have never had previously for us to use during their stay.
  • Rawhides - We do not feed rawhides here at The Grove, while we understand that your pet may eat them all the time at home, they pose numerous dangers and therefore we do not feed rawhides.


  • We have raised hammock style beds, fleece blankies and radiant heated floors. A blankie from home or t-shirt worn by mom the day before, can really help your dog feel more comfortable. We do not offer laundry service and don't recommend huge overstuffed beds. You are welcome to bring your dogs crate from home and we can place it in their suite.


  • Toys A favorite toy from home is a great idea! We have alot of community toys for your pet to share but understand that some dogs don't like sharing. You are welcome to bring a private toy for your pet's suite and/or a toy for community play.
Considerations: We believe personal items from are important and helpful. It is important for our dog parents to understand that we play outside rain or shine and bedding from home can get dirty, toys can be damaged or lost and some dogs love to take their clothes or collars off during playtime and damage could occur to items. We of course do our best to keep all the items you bring from home safe and clean but dogs will be dogs!

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