Our Enriched Daycare Program offers a unique approach to Dog Daycare

At a traditional dog daycare random dogs arrive to spend a day with basic supervision with a goal to expend physical energy. While the role of traditional daycare is valid and useful, we designed a different approach!

The goal of our Enriched Daycare program is to expend the physical pent up energy of our guest but to also provide mental stimulation, to provide social skills and prepare our clients for everyday real life situations.

Our Enriched Daycare Program provides core foundation activities daily with monthly themes that provide mentally stimulating activities. Our program has an amazing curriculum which we built from the ground up, assigned Daycare counselors to each pet and weekly staff meeting to discuss progress and concerns. Our program is the first of it's kind in the northwest and we have the highest staff to dog ratio in the state.

Core Foundation Activities

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Basic handling
  • Gate/door Manners
  • Up and Off

Monthly Themes

    Our Monthly themes provide additional enrichment and keep daycare challenging and stimulating.
  • January - "Rolling in the New Year" While working with things on wheels such as wheelchairs, skateboards, etc we will increase self-confidence, spatial awareness and prepare dogs for when they encounter rolling things out in public.
  • February - "Love is in the air" This month we bring in items that float and crinkle these activities will focus on shape and sound awareness, spatial awareness and environmental changes.
  • March - "Spring Forward" This month is all about the smell of spring. By putting those noses to work with scent work, finding things we are fulfilling a core canine need and increasing their ability to problem solve and use their senses to the fullest.
  • April - "Spring Party" This month we continue with our find things activities and also introduce carrying things, teaching our clients how to hold and release. These activities will build patience and focus.
  • May- "Waiting for The Sun" This month we work on waiting - learning to wait by using a variety of games we will continue to build on focus.
  • June - "Noise Awareness" this month is all about preparing for the 4th of July!
  • July- "Independence" We continue with our Noise awareness work and take this month to pull clients out and work on their core foundation one at a time.
  • August - "Friendship" Our friendship month is a staff favorite and we enjoy having dogs work in pairs to go through a variety of activities with an agility focus. This month's activities will increase social skills and introduce our clients to the world of agility.
  • September - "Sports" This month we bring back carrying items in the mouth and add putting items in a designated spot to increase target training.
  • October - "Dress up" This month not only do dogs dress up but counselors do as well. This month we let dogs get used to seeing people in a different way, wearing hats and beards to increase their self-confidence and exposure to seeing odd things in their everyday environment.
  • November - "Table Surfing" This month we learn to avoid food on tables and learn the command "Leave it". This months focus is ensuring all our clients know to avoid that food on the table during Thanksgiving!
  • December - "Jingle Bells" This month we bring noise desensitization back with visual surround changes increases our client's ability to adapt to changes in their environment.

Benefits of Dog Daycare

  • Day camp provides a wonderful alternative for the busy pet owner to leave their pet alone all day.
  • In day camp dogs are exposed to a variety of activities providing plenty of exercises and most important of all receive personal attention from the camp staff.
  • Friendly Grove Day camp has both two large indoor playrooms with an attached outdoor exercise area and a separate Petite Daycamp room for our tweeny friends. Campers can be rotated for a change of scenery and a greater chance to socialize.
  • By the end of the day, both you and your pet can return home fulfilled.
  • Our day camp is small enough for personal attention but big enough to be tons of fun! We have several daycare options from Scheduled Play Groups to Private Day Care.

We have 3 separate areas for daycare; one for small dogs, one for medium to large dogs and private suites. If your looking for a regularly scheduled play day for your dog then check out our Play Group option, if you need to have your pet babysat just for the day then perhaps our Private Daycare option. For Friendly Dog Daycare Services call 360-352-1322.