A puppies first groom is an important day! The first few grooms can set a lifetime of habits, expectations and impact your puppies temperament, confidence and well being. Patience is key when working with puppies, it is vital to take breaks and engage in meaningful cuddles and positive reinforcements. Puppies should begin visiting the groomer as soon as they finish their puppy shots.� The first trip should just be a visit with a soft, easy bath, a towel dry on the grooming table and maybe a few nails done.� This first trip is more about acclimation and introduction to Groom Training than about a pretty bath or groom job. The groomer should talk to the parents about establishing a groom training routine, show the owner the appropriate brush and encourage owner to massage the puppies feet everyday to acclimate them to feet grooming. A puppy who is expected to grow into an adult dog with long coat and grooming demands should maintain a regular grooming schedule thru puppyhood, ideally every 4 weeks during training then transition to every 6 weeks. Regular trips to a groomer who is patient and attentive can help your puppy grow into a well adjusted, healthy and beautiful dog. The gorgeous puppy featured in this article is "Lucy" whose parents have done everything right by beginning her early in doggy daycare and regular grooming!� Lucy loves her groomer and her groomer loves her!