Our state of the art salon was designed with the health and safety of each pet in mind, from the selection of each piece of equipment to each product we offer. Coming from the Dog Show World we decided it was time for each and every pampered pet to be able to receive the Show Dog treatment. We are proud to bring exclusive products and techniques usually only offered to Top Show Dogs around the world to the pampered pets of The Northwest.

Our Spa Team

From the Dog Show world and Pet Industry we have combined a team of highly trained and dedicated staff.

Dog Grooming
  • All Spa Team members are Pet First Aid & CPR Certified and attend regular continuing education. Our team is dedicated to consistently growing and learning in order to provide our clients with the best products, safest techniques and strive to provided unparalleled level of service and skill.
  • Members of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, Certified in The Science of Skin, a Certified Training Salon for ABC Grooming School, Members of the Creative Grooming Association, AKC Salon and Safety Certification, AKC Poodle Grooming Certified.
  • Each groomer works with a trained assistant and a bather, ensuring your pet is always supervised while in our care. Our assistants ensure that each dog is frequently given bathroom breaks and fresh water.

Our Tubs

Beginning with the selection of our tubs we strive to select products that will provide an amazing experience for each pet who visits our salon. All of our products and every piece of equipment is chosen with the health and safety of each pet in mind, furthermore we strive to select companies and manufactures that support our values, enhance communities and manufacturer in a sustainable way.

Dog Grooming
  • We chose the best manufacture in the United States and while many other tubs would of been cheaper to import we chose TriStarVet / Direct Animal tubs manufactured in a small town in Texas since 1983 and who employ 25 hard working Americans.
  • Our state of the art Spa Tubs are the largest and deepest made in the United States, providing a comfortable and spacious experience for pets of all sizes. Built for maximum durability in heavy duty 16 & 18 gauge US stainless steel ensuring a clean, sterile spa environment.
  • Leash rails and D-rings provide secure anchoring for everyone’s safety, slopes that quickly push water toward the drain, keeping the pet’s feet out of standing water and low entry and exit points with swivel ramp providing safe and easy access for all pets. Raised platforms for small breeds.
  • Rinsed and Disinfected after each use.

Our Tools

Selecting only the highest grade tools to clip, to scissor and to blend means our finish work is competition worthy but living room ready.

Dog Grooming
  • Our Scissors and Blades are routinely sharpened by Frank Rowe and Son. Rowe and Son is the premier sharpening and maintenance team in the country, family owned and operated since 1973 located in Middletown, PA. Ensuring our Scissors and Blades are routinely sharpened and maintained is critical to ensure only the best and safest tools work on our clients.
  • Barbicide Certified and AKC Safety Certified Grooming Salon. Using proper steps to disinfection everyday on every surface and on every implement (scissors and clippers): Clean, Disinfect and Sanitize.
  • Professional Grade Clippers in use include: Oster, Wahl and Laube. Our Groomer's love their scissors and we have numerous hand forged japanese steel butter cut scissors ranging in price from $400-$900 a pair. Recently we obtained a hand forged pair of bent shank thinning shears from Japan for $495US which is very handy for blending those teddy bear heads.
  • We do NOT use cage dryers, We do NOT put heat dryers in crates. We dry the old fashioned way..by hand. It is not as fast but it is safer and healthier on our clients. Production shops line dogs up in crates and blow heat dryers in the cage which does dry a dog in 10 minutes which allows for more dogs to come in and go out. We apologize that your dog will be with us a bit longer because we refuse to cage heat dry dogs. Our drying takes an average 45 minutes to 1 hour but we believe it is worth it.

Our Tables

We proudly use PetLift tables a division of Vetlift, the premier manufacturer of quality veterinary electric tables for over 40 years. Every piece of the table is fabricated in the United States by S&B Metal a family owned steel company since 1974.

Dog Grooming
  • Comfortable and safe size with a textured top help all our clients feel relaxed.
  • Our two main tables are 24" x 54" long with an oval at one end. Features include the 3000 Ultra Post that rotates 180º.
  • Table lowers to 12" for an easy step up with a smooth electric ride to working height. Most grooming tables are hydraulic which results in a jerky lift not with the Petlift a silent smooth lift.
  • The highest grade grooming table available in the world rated for 375 pounds.

Our Products

We use and carry a variety of products from around the world. Most of our products are from the Dog Show World, where coat, hair and skin growth is paramount, we are honored to bring these products and techniques to our pampered pet clients.

  • We custom blend a variety of cold pressed oils such as jojoba and avocado to create just the right oil treatment for your pet's coat type.
  • We are also honored to have IV San Bernard of Italy Products for use by our Salon Technicians. IV San Bernard is the most respected international line.
  • Isle of Dogs, BioGroom, Espree, Les Pooches and many more. We are dedicated to developing a skin care regiment that will hydrate, rejuvenate and enhance the beauty of your pet.